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We had the idea of using data to analyse places in London, early back to 15 year ago. However, data collection was not easy then as it is now. Also, the computers weren’t powerful enough, and the cost was too big to create the database we have today.

This became feasible in 2015, when technologies advanced, and data were made as detailed and freely available. We started the building of a dedicated ‘data bank’ from then, and as the first to raise the concept of ‘Location Ratings’, we have spent more than two years ever since in researching and testing data to identify the key factors influencing the ‘value’ of a location.

Now, we are proud to present our RealMy Ratings and Rankings, which provide a brilliant data use experience to our customers. These two highly personalised ratings will help you determine where is the best place for YOU to live/buy in London.

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RealMy Location Ratings Ltd is a company registered in England with its registered office at Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7JN

Company number: 09933035

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